Comming soon Comming soon Comming soon Comming soon

The Itch was formed one drunken night at Kulturbolaget in Malmö. Magnus and Lukas were watching som unknown concert and Magnus had a moment of clarity, an eppifany and a vision – all at the same time. After trying to listen to Magnus explanation a few times Lukas gave up and convinced Magnus to form a band with him instead.

The original lineup was with Thomas Helgesson on the drums and Conny Andersson on the bass. Conny left pretty soon though due to other obligations with Svarte Pan and later Babian.

They quickly wrote four songs, went into the studio, kicked the new bassplayer there and Tobbe was called in on short notice, recorded some bass and then the band finally started to look like a real band.

Thomas then left and eleven drummers later the band knew the only decent replacement would be Thomas brother Johan.

The rest is going to become history.